Implementation and Evaluation of Multiprocessor Resource Synchronization Protocol (MrsP)


Preventing race conditions or data corruptions for concurrent shared resource accesses of real-time tasks is a challenging problem. By adopting the resource synchronization protocols, such a problem has been studied in the literature, but there are not enough evaluations that consider the overhead from the implementations of different protocols. In this paper, we discuss our implementation of the Multiprocessor Resource Sharing Protocol (MrsP) and the Distributed Non-Preemptive Protocol (DNPP) on LITMUS^RT. Both of them are released in open source under GNU General Public License (GPL2). To study the impact of the implementation overhead, we deploy different synchronization scenarios with generated task sets and measure the performance with respect to the worst-case response time. The results illustrate that generally the implementation overhead is acceptable, whereas some unexpected system overhead may happen under distributed synchronization protocols on LITMUS^RT.

13th Workshop on Operating Systems Platforms for Embedded Real-Time Applications (OSPERT)