Selected as an appointed member in Young Academy Twente (YAT)

The Young Academy Twente is excited to announce its eleven new members for 2025. Representing all five faculties of the UT, the new members will join the current team in, for instance, offering both solicited and unsolicited advice to the Executive Board and the Strategic Board. Together, YAT will foster a vibrant community for early-career UT employees, contributing to discussions on a wide range of topics. The new members will be officially installed on 2 July.


How can we create future-proof computing systems that serve as the backbone of modern society while maximizing their resilience against environmental uncertainties? As a computer scientist, Kuan-Hsun Chen is dedicated to advancing cyber-physical systems, which continuously interact with the physical world in numerous safety-critical scenarios. These systems must not only deliver correct functionalities but also ensure timely performance to prevent catastrophic failures. By prioritizing predictability and reliability, he explores efficient mapping solutions that meet all non-functional constraints imposed by underlying hardware platforms. His pioneering research lies at the intersection of computer science and electrical engineering, driven by his conviction that synergy between software and hardware is key to creating such systems.

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Kuan-Hsun Chen
Kuan-Hsun Chen
Assistant Professor

In this era, I make computing systems future-proof and future-ready.