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Lightweight Instrumentation for Accurate Performance Monitoring in RTOSes

I had the honor to get invited by the editor of SIGBED Blog, Mitra Nasri, to write about my recent work conducted with Bruno Endres Forlin from the special interest group “Dependable Computing Systems (DCS)” at UT. The original work was presented and published this year earlier in Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), titled “Lightweight Instrumentation for Accurate Performance Monitoring in RTOSes”.

In this work, we demonstrate how to achieve OS-level instrumentation in an embedded system using the RISC-V ISA as an example. We will provide necessary context abstractions, ensure low implementation overheads, and control application access to performance counters and their values.

Here you can find the blog: https://sigbed.org/2024/05/27/lightweight-instrumentation-for-accurate-performance-monitoring-in-rtoses/

Kuan-Hsun Chen
Kuan-Hsun Chen
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